Monkey Audio DirectShow File Source Filter 1.00

Updated: 17 Jan 2004 | Freeware | 367KB | Downloads: 35080

Monkey Audio DirectShow File Source Filter helps you to play Monkey Audio (.ape) files in any DirectShow based player.
Monkey's Audio is a lossless Audio Compression Format, that can reduce the Filesize up to 50% without losing any Information.

The DS Monkey Audio Filter is a simple Filesource Filter that uses MACDll.dll (since Version 0.50 itīs renamed to MACDec.dll because of Unicode Filenames) to decode .ape Files. With it you're able to play Monkey Audio Files from any DirectShow based Player, like Windows Media Player, Zoom Player, MPC and TCMP.

The Filter supports Unicode Filenames on every Windows OS, can read APEv2 Tags and is able to play .apl Playlists.

Changes in Monkey Audio DirectShow File Source Filter 1.00 :

- bugfixed a SourceSeeking Duration Bug (caused EOS 2-3sec. to early)


Monkey Audio DirectShow File Source Filter 1.00
on 31 August 2009, reviewed by: Fer


So far, it is working. Sound is incredibly pure.


Monkey Audio DirectShow File Source Filter 1.00
on 21 August 2007, reviewed by: roland


Just great thing! Have over 20GB monkeys audio archives and this was what i need :)
But seeking is not working. I'm using Windows Media Player 11 with ffdshow...

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Monkey's Audio is a fast and easy way to compress digital music.

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