MediaTab 1.4

Updated: 8 Apr 2014

MediaTab provides informations about your multimedia files, as MediaInfo does, but without launching the application.
MediaTab use the power of MediaInfo integrating it on your operating system.

The only thing you must to do is right click on a multimedia file, choose Properties and pick MediaTab.

All info you need to hand!

The following extensions are supported:

- 264, 3gp, aac, ac3, amr, ape, asf, avi, bdmv, clpi, divx, dpg, dts, dv, dvr, dvr-ms, eac3, evo, f4v, flac, flv, gvi, h264, ifo, isma, ismv, j2k, jp2, m1s, m1t, m1v, m2p, m2s, m2t, m2ts, m2v, m4a, m4v, mac, mka, mks, mkv, mod, mov, mp+, mp2, mp3, mp4, mpc, mpe, mpeg, mpg, mpgv, mpgx, mpls, mpm, mpv, mts, mxf, oga, ogg, ogm, ogv, qcp, qt, ra, rm, rmvb, smv, swf, tp, trp, ts, tta, vob, w64, wav, wma, wmv, wv, wvc... and the number grows constantly.

You'll get info like codecs, bitrates, resolutions, metatags, encoded options, languages... and a VERY long etc; all the info that MediaInfo can provide you.

In addition, you can export the information to text or HTML format and copy to the clipboard (text, HTML and BBcode).

If you are a regular user of multimedia files like mp3, avi or DVDs you need this program.

It's the best solution for finding why you cannot play a file (telling you the proper codec).

And if you usually convert or encode files, MediaTab will be your ally for testing the final quality (by dozens of useful parameters), or to ensure that it has the technical specifications that you were looking for.

Chnages in MediaTab 1.3:

- Added Unicode filenames compatibility.
- Now, MediaTab remembers your favourite view (text/tree, basic/advanced)
- Added Italian (thanks, Luca Gori!)
- Added latest Mediainfo's version (0.7.67)
- Minor bugs fixed and stability improved. is known also as

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