Updated: 24 Jan 2004

MatrixMixer is a DirectShow filter to upmix any stereo source to multiple speakers; designed mainly for playback movies with stereo audio track on 5.1 audio systems.
Main features of MatrixMixer:

- Matrix mixer with ability to change the matrix.
- Conversion from any input format to any output format. Supports channel configurations from mono to 5.1 and sample formats 16bit / 24bit / 32bit / float.
- Input/output levels indication.
- Automatic gain control.
- Dynamic range compression.
- Individual gain control for each input/output channel.
- Delays for each output channel.

Changes from MatrixMixer 0.21a to MatrixMixer 0.30b:

- Filter is almost totally rewritten
- Auto gain control
- Dynamic range compression
- Individual delays for each channel
- Individual gains for ech input and output channel
- Support for 16/24/32/float sample formats at input and output
- Support for multichannel input and output
- Support for dynamic format change at input and output
- Vortex support
- Time shifting
- Loading several copies of filter bug fixed
- Crash on matrix change fixed

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