Updated: 11 Feb 2005

MPEG Parser is the viewer of MPEG-files internal structure. It can view fields of structures of MPEG file consists.
MPEG Parser shows next data about MPEG file: Resolution, Frame rate, Size, Aspect ratio, Bitrate... Utility allows to correct errors in MPEG - use menu item "Save corrected..." for this. You can also save internal structure in the text file via menu item "Save MPEG information...".

MPEG file processing modes:

- Quick: Quick processing mode. Quick parsing of the important fields of MPEG file only. Tree of the structure is not built. Cache file is not created.
- Show first GOP: Only first GOP in the file is parsed. All parameters of MPEG file except duration are shown. Tree-like structure for the first GOP only is built, cache file is not created.
- Show tree: Full parsing of the MPEG file with the building of tree-like structure and cache file creation.
- Show extended tree: This mode is like previous, but some additional fields are shown: SEQUENCE_SCALABLE_EXTENSION, QUANT_MATRIX_EXTENSION, PICTURE_DISPLAY_EXTENSION, PICTURE_SPATIAL_SCALABLE_EXTENSION, PICTURE_TEMPORAL_SCALABLE_EXTENSION, PICTURE_START, USER_DATA, additional streams. Cache file is created without additional fields.
- Rewrite cache: Mode is like "Show tree" mode, but cache file is rewritten.

Changes in MPEG Parser 1.3 :

- Calculation of pulldown duration is corrected.
- Parsing speed was improved.
- Tool for adding of SEQUENCE_END.
- Ability to cut the file in GOPs.

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