LZOcodec 0.4

Updated: 6 Nov 2006 | Freeware | 44KB | Downloads: 8369

LZOcodec is a Windows codec. It makes a lossless video compression with 3 steps: first converts RGB information to YUY2 (if necesary) then makes a compression algorithm of my own, and last uses LZO algorithm to compress the information.
How to use LZOcodec?

Well, you can use it as capture codec like HuffYUV or LOCOcodec if you have a fast computer. But the main use I can think is to compress computer generated videos (or animation movies).
If you think about it you can use for:
- Capture your screen as an avi
- Convert a SWF (flash file) to an avi
- Convert a Power Point file to an avi

You can use LZOcodec for real videos but do not expect too much performance.

Why must i use LZOcodec?

If you like CamStudio Lossless Codec you will probably know that this kind of codecs compress every frame without take care of previous one. But LZOcodec uses previous one in order to compress much more. So If you like CamStudio Lossless Codec you will love LZOcodec!

Changes in LZOcodec 0.4 :

- This new version has a new algorithm that can compress a little bit more. And after a big effort it can compress a little bit faster too (in most of cases).
• LZOcodec 0.3
- And now the v0.3. With 2 more colourspaces:
* YV16
* YV12 (NOT recommended)
- And all the colourspaces can be for input video or for output video.
Now please test it and send me error reportings.
• NOTE: All the colourspaces test have been made with VirtualDub.

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