GermaniX Transcoder 9.0 beta 4

Updated: 3 Apr 2014

GermaniX Transcoder is a simple, flexible and extensible Audio Transcoder, able to transcode many audio formats: mp3, mp4, aac, mp2, flac, ofr, ape, ogg...
Features of GermaniX Transcoder 9.0:

- Audio Transcoder: Audio Transcoder for transcoding from one format to another audio format (lossy to lossless, lossless to lossy - do not transcoder protected wma or mp4 files).
- Audio Tagger: You can tag the most supported audio and video format with id3v1, v2, ape, flac comment, xiph, wma and riff infos. Also have a album art downloader to tag files with covers from amazon web service.
- Audio file renamer: You can rename you files with information from tags or from you directory structure and you can use templates. (not yet included)
- Audio and Video Player: You can play you favourite music and video file direct in you GermaniX Transcoder. The palyer can use the directory structure or a dabase structure. (not yet included)
- CueCutter: The CueCutter can cut large mp3 or flac files with Cue-Sheet information. Flac files can also can with the inside cue information. (not yet included)
- CD Grabber: You can grab your entire CD collection to all supported audio formats of the transcoder. (not yet included)
- Flexible addin architecture: Extend the Transcoder with a simple addin framework. You can use any language wich supports Microsoft .net 2.. Add new function and use all input and output formats. (not yet included)
- More formats with a easy plugin architecture: The Transcoder can easy support more formats. The simple plugin architecture make it simple to write additional addins. For input formats, the transcoder can use winamp input plugins.
- Mulit-Language: You can create you own interface language. You can creata new language with notepad and copy this file on the transcoder\language directory - thats easy.

Changes in GermaniX Transcoder 9.0 beta:

- The version 9 contains a new plugin and addin system. This release contains only a new kernel and no new features.
* GermaniX Transcoder
- This build have some small fixes and updated the Opus Encoder addin.
* GermaniX Transcoder
- Updated the Flac Encoder to v1.3.0
- Updated the Flac Addin to v3.0
- Fixed some skinning bugs
- Updated some dependencies
- Fixed/Updated the decoder lib
* GermaniX Transcoder
- Fixed a bug in the cover art plugin
- Fixed some minor bugs
- Optimze memory handling during flac decoding
- Updated the Decoder addin for flac 1.3 pre
- Updated the volume control in the ribbon bar

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on 28 August 2007, reviewed by: The Green...

Fab stuff. The only free WMA to WAV converter I could find. Fantastic choice of formats and will batch convert ...


on 24 August 2007, reviewed by: JGabriel

Very good. But does not support g729 enc/dec. Need a addin for this. Its not in the default package.

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