Emsa DLL Register Tool is a multipurpose DLL information & registration tool for Windows.
This program provides extensive information about system files and other binary files, like exe, dll, and ocx files for example.

It also provides ActiveX information for ActiveX components like .ocx files and ActiveX exe or ActiveX dll files.

Using Emsa DLL Register Tool, you may register/unregister ActiveX dll/ocx/exe files, and you may also compare two ActiveX files having identical filenames.

This program also provides a very handy function, which can be used to easily register and unregister ActiveX files - Shell extensions.

If shell extensions are enabled (look for it in the Options and Help tab), user may right click on any dll or ocx file and select an option from the context menu (register/unregister) to perform the corresponding action.

Another neat feature of the same Shell extensions capability, is the ability to generate an ActiveX report on a folder. To do this, first of all make sure that Shell extensions are enabled within the program, then close it (Shell extensions do work even if the program is closed).

Then, you may select a folder at any time, right click on it and from the drop down menu select ActiveX Report. This will scan the folder for ActiveX files, and a text file (output.txt) containing the report will be generated in the same folder, and it will also be opened automatically for viewing.

Emsa DLL Register Tool can be useful for anyone in order to get extended file information and dll/ocx registration capabilities.

Important Notes:

- The activation procedure is 100% Free and you can get the activation code from here.
- Emsa DLL Register Tool requires the Visual Basic 6 Runtime files. The program may run on XP and above without the need to install the VB Runtime because it usually comes with the operating system.
- How to install/uninstall DLL and AX codec/filter files: learn to install/uninstall DLL, AX files using command prompt.

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