Updated: 17 Jan 2005

Dr. Divx Calculator is a bitrate calculator for Dr. Divx. You don't have to keystroke anything, because this program can find automatically DVD Drive, Movie Duration, Movie Resolution and Screen Resolution.
You can also convert wav to mp3 and normalize.
Suggestion: Dr. Divx Calculator uses an old LAME engine. Download the latest version of LAME MP3 Encoder, decompress it and replace lame_enc.dll from Dr. Divx Calculator's folder.

Changes in Dr. Divx Calculator 1.5:

- Automatic Finding { DVD Drive, Duration of Film, Movie Resolution, Screen Resolution. }
- Movie Information { Compression, TV System, Aspect ratio, Display mode, Letterboxed, Mode }
- Save Settings.
- Execute Dr. Divx & Windows Calculator
- Add Some Profile Options { MPEG4 Tools: Bidirectional Encoding; Resize Filter: Bilinear, Bicubic Soft, Bicubic Neutral, Bicubic Sharp }
- Add This Window & Options Window.
- Convert wav to mp3 & Normalize
- Custom Audio File supported...
- Fix some Bugz & more!

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