DoItFast4U! 1.4.0

Updated: 15 Feb 2005

Tired of all the commercial store-bought applications that 'transcode' your Movies and leave you with terrible quality?
Are you one of those that appreciates all the items of a DVD but have had to resort to removing stuff because otherwise the one-click apps make your main movie look like a blocky mess? Look no further!

DoItFast4U! is the BEST tool available for automating the process of demuxing your assets from your DVD VTS sets to work with in re-authoring the title, for the highest quality DVD COPY! If you've worked on many DVD projects, you know that a lot of it is a manual process of demuxing, writing scripts, renaming, etc. Using DoItFast4U automates all this, and more! Using guides located here, you can have complete backups of your DVDs with little/no noticeable loss of quality!

Changes in DoItFast4U! 1.4.0:

- Added path to input filename when using DVD2AVI (compatibility with neuron's version) addition Added "Duplicate PGC Detection"-- analyses all PGCs and removes the checkboxes from the ones where their entire contents are already in another PGC.
- Added doitfastnotes.txt file output to facilitate user's access to important notes
- Added information about cells with angles to the doitfastnotes.txt file (request by VIP member)
- If a VTS contains angles, it is noted in the DVD Structure also. Angles are reported along with their seamless/non-seamless attribute.
- Added ability to autoswitch to VobID demux for each VTS that contains angles
- Added compatibility with filenames containing triple digit vobids output by DVD Decrypter
- Added "Do Not Copy Menu Files" menu item for use with NuMenu4U.
- BatchCCE now searched for if DoCCE4U is not found
- Full integration with NuMenu4U Phase I implemented
- Added Help>Check Application Versions for ease of viewing whether DoItFast4U can find third-party apps (Rejig not added to this yet, since it's in HEAVY development)
- Added integration with Rejig 0.4h+ (Rejig.exe 0.4h+ must be in the DoItFast4U! Install directory) using REJIGdata.txt file.
- added checkbox for manually selecting Telecine script.
- "Do Not Copy Menu Files" automatically unchecked when "Re-encode Menus Using NuMenu4U Before Demuxing" is unchecked.
- Recommended bitrates output to log window as well as log and notes files
- Fixed bug where Reauthorist was not started automatically even when selected to do so in post-processing
- Automatic update fixed, beta update check removed (betas will only be available to VIP members now)
- Fixed bug where app would hang when processing irregular .d2v file generated from a single frame m2v
- Changed spelling error in log window regarding OS kernel detection.
- Corrected the tooltip on the "Stop It" button.
- Audio List should now show all streams even if the stream doesn’t correspond to the stream number (ie. Stream 1=0x84)
- VobID demuxed audio now recognized as 2ch/6ch (dependent on bitrate) to avoid oversizing issues
- Checkbox for the "Start Reauthorist" menu item is now remembered after closing.
- Better detection for corrupt AVS 2.08 Scripts has been added.
- Changed help>homepage to point to new homepage URL.
- Changed help>revision history to point to revision history URL
- Changed AVS scripts to work with 4 types of video (scripts suggested by Eric Stephenson and Donald Graft): Normal, Telecine, Interlaced, and Hybrid
- Restructured the drop menus
- Installer prompts to delete AVS Script entries (New AVS scripts used in this build)
- Log and notes files now written to install directory and moved over after completion of demux. (No more stray log files on your hdd!)
- Changed behavior so if current settings are deemed to create a DVD larger than 4.37Gb, post-processing is still performed.
- Working directory now changes spaces to underscores (donator's request)

FixVTS: allows you to adjust your DVD files into better DVD compliance, so they can be opened in DVDShrink or VobBlanker. is known also as

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