DirectShow Filter Manager 0.5

Updated: 10 Aug 2005

DirectShow Filter Manager helps you to list, sort, find, add or remove DirectShow filters.
This tool, can also be useful for everyone when installing codec packs, like X Codec Pack.

RadLight Filter Manager: allows you to change merit of DirectShow filters and it can also be used to list all registered codecs and to register or unregister codecs.

Filmerit: is a freeware application for cleaning and managing the DirectShow filters.

DXMan: allows you to add or remove video and audio codecs and plugins.

MMCompView: displays the details of all installed multimedia components (codecs, ActiveX filters) and allows you disable/enable specific components.

Codec Toolbox: can read/change merit of all codecs, list the codecs installed on the system, detect broken codecs and filters, remove them, etc. is known also as

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