DirectShow FilterPack 5.1

Updated: 4 Mar 2012

DirectShow FilterPack is a lightweight package of DirectShow media filters which will enable you to play many different kinds of encoded audio and video files with your favorite DirectShow media player.
Unlike codecpacks, DirectShow FilterPack doesn't include one single codec or encoder. This means you can not encode/create audio or video with it. It can only be used to decode/play audio and video files.

Neither does DirectShow FilterPack include multiple DirectShow filters for one particular audio or video format. This can cause conflicts and is something you see quite often with big codecpacks.

Nor does DirectShow FilterPack come with a DirectShow media player.

DirectShow FilterPack is a no-nonsense lightweight package of DirectShow filters that lets you play virtually anything!

DirectShow FilterPack 5.0 contains:

• DCoder - BASS Source Filter (13092010)
- Decodes: Tracker Audio (MO3, IT, XM, S3M, MTM, MOD and UMX), OptimFROG Audio (OFR) and SHOUTcast/Icecast audio streams (MP3, AAC, OGG).
• Livio Cavallo - TAK Source Filter (01122011)
- Decodes: Tom's verlustfreier Audiokompressor files (TAK).
• Hendrik Leppkes - LAV Filters (24022012)
- FFmpeg based DirectShow filters which support all the common audio and video formats.
• MPC-HC Team - CDDA Source Filter (03032012)
- Reads: Audio CDs.
• MPC-HC Team - CDXA Source Filter (03032012)
- Reads: (S)VCDs and XCDs.
• Softella - DirectShow Filter Manager (09082005)
- A utility to help list, sort, find, add or remove DirectShow filters.
• context-menu_install.reg, context-menu_uninstall.reg
- See Installation.

DirectShow FilterPack requires:

- Windows XP or Windows 7.
- DirectX End-User Runtimes.
- DirectShow based media player like: Media Player Classic - Home Cinema, Zoom Player, BS.Player, CorePlayer, RadLight Media Player and Windows Media Player.
- Windows Media Format Runtime. (optional)
- VSFilter or FFDShow for subtitles. (optional)

How to install/remove DirectShow FilterPack:

• Installation
- Extract "DSFP-5.1.exe" to a logical place. (If you pick "C:\Program Files" for example, the whole content will be extracted to "C:\Program Files\DirectShow FilterPack".)
- Browse to the directory you just extracted the whole content to.
- Run "DSFP_inst.bat". (In every subdirectory you'll also find an "install.bat" and "uninstall.bat" to install or uninstall every filter separately.)
• Removal
- Browse to the "DirectShow FilterPack" directory.
- Run "DSFP_uninst.bat".
- Delete the "DirectShow FilterPack" directory.

Important Notes:

- There won't be anymore future releases. DirectShow FilterPack 5.00 (now compatible with Windows 7) will be the last one. DC-Bass Source Mod has replaced the "TAK Source Filter" as well as the "CDDA Source Filter" and so there are only 2 DirectShow filters left; "DC-Bass Source Mod" and "LAV Filters" (I don't think anyone would miss the CDXA Source Filter nowadays), which isn't worth to continue DSFP. Install LAV Filters and DC-Bass Source Mod and you're good to go!
- If you encounter problems using DirectShow FilterPack, ask for help here.

Changes from DirectShow FilterPack 5.00 to DirectShow FilterPack 5.1:

- DCoder - BASS Source Filter (13092010) --> (library fix)
- Hendrik Leppkes - LAV Filters (21122011) --> (24022012)
- MPC-HC Team - CDDA Reader Filter (21122011) --> (03032012)
- MPC-HC Team - CDXA Reader Filter (21122011) --> (03032012)
- Readme updated

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DirectShow FilterPack 5.1
on 24 October 2012, reviewed by: bitoolean

This is the only DirectShow codec collection you most probably need. Clean too, "no-nonsense" indeed. Thank you! I needed this ...


DirectShow FilterPack 5.00
on 29 February 2012, reviewed by: krakozor

Perfect for players that use only directshow. Almost useless for the other players.

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