DVD-Cloner 9.6

Updated: 30 Aug 2012 | Shareware | 10.2MB | Downloads: 82403

DVD-Cloner 9 is the up-to-the-minute generation of the top DVD copy software worldwide. Its flexible functions and the most advanced technology bring you a brand-new DVD/Blu-ray copying experience.

DVD-Cloner 9 is a powerful DVD copying/burning/decrypting tool with its diverse customized copy modes, no matter full disc copy or main movie copy.

The innovative IAT technology gives you the freedom to copy latest DVD movies. It makes DVD backup with incomparable image quality, which brings you a visual shock.

Now DVD-Cloner 9 brings about the possibility to combine multiple DVDs onto just one BD-R/RE. With only one click, you'll experience the most reliable DVD copy software with nine years' progressive endurance.

Features of DVD-Cloner 9.6:

Perfect 1:1 DVD Copy
- DVD-Cloner 9 plays a leading role in powerful functions and extremely high copying speed compared with other DVD copy software.
- Copies DVD to DVD completely, such as copying DVD-5 to DVD-5, DVD-9 to DVD-9.
- Removes all known protections, such as CSS, Sony ARCCOS, Region protections and so on.
- Supports for data DVD and movie DVD copy.
- Burns ISO file or DVD folder on hard disk to various kinds of blank DVD discs, such as DVD±R/RW and DVD±R DL.
- Two user-oriented interfaces: Express interface usually for the novice to make DVD copy with only one click, and Expert interface for the advanced users to make various customized copies.
Customized Copy
- Combines two DVD movies to one DVD±R DL.
- Combines multiple DVDs to one BD-R/RE.
- Automatically removes the annoying contents such as legal and advertising clips.
- Keeps menus when splitting a DVD-9 to two DVD-5 discs.
- Movie only copy allows you to copy only the main movie and omit the unwanted extras.
- Compresses one DVD-9 movie to DVD-5 with incomparable image quality.
- Automatically erases your rewritable DVD disc data for rewriting new DVD movies.
- Copies discs continuously no matter how many discs you want.
- Supports the backup of home DVDs/TV series/TV shows.
- Copies DVD to DVD folder or ISO file.
- Supports DVD-5 to DVD-9 copy.
- Sets the DVD-5 disc size.
IAT - Copy the up-to-date DVD movies
- The inventive IAT technology(Intelligent Analyzing Technology) gives you the freedom to copy latest DVD movies.
- Compared with the ERT technology, the IAT takes more advanced reading and analyzing technology, which allows copying latest DVD movies at much higher speed through optimized codes.
Backs up latest Blu-ray movies
- DVD-Cloner 8 allows you to copy Blu-ray and HD-DVD movies to your hard drive with a third party plug-in, such as Blu-ray/HD DVD Copy Helper. The copied movies can be enjoyed on Cyberlink PowerDVD or WinDVD for your convenience.
Other features
- Automatically selects the source movie and target burner after it is put into the drive.
- Changes the default audio track and subtitle.
- Copies a certain range of chapters.
- Verifies data after the backup completes.
- Copies the scratched DVD discs.
- Impressive speed at high reduction rate.
- Defines the name of the disc volume.
- Supports most DVD burners such as Samsung, Pioneer, LG, Sony, BenQ and so on.
- Get the free bonus Open DVD ripper Lite worth $29.99, making it possible to convert DVD movies to AVI, MPEG and SVCD formats.
- Supports many popular languages such as English, French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese.
- Authenticates DVD region code when DVD-Cloner 9 starts.
- Free software upgrade service within one year.
- Free available all-around support at any time.

Important Note:

- It's against the law to make illegal copies of copyrighted material! You are on your own in regard to any legal issues.

Changes from DVD-Cloner 9.5 to DVD-Cloner 9.6:

- Supports more up-to-date movies.
- Accelerated the reading speed.
- Supports the latest DVD burners by the improved burning module.


DVD-Cloner 8.20
on 05 April 2011, reviewed by: Deadshot


I had a bad experience with it. After ripping a DVD and burned using Nero. The DVD plays well until an hour of movie, after an hour it jumps itself until the end. Any idea what is causing the jumping?
I have a Panasonic DVD player.


DVD-Cloner 8.20
on 15 February 2011, reviewed by: Fart


The interface is so ugly that I didn't even bother to use it.


DVD-Cloner 8.10
on 14 January 2011, reviewed by: Brian Roland


Been using it for years to get movies on my hand-held devices.

It gets the job done.

Be aware that the DVDs it burns will be 'any region' DVDs. Most drives/players have no problem with this, but there are a few out there that just will not play them. If that's the case, you can still use DVD Cloner to rip the DVD to hard drive, and then use some other utility such as Nero to recode/burn the DVD. Or better yet...get a new DVD Drive that can play them...they're cheap these days :)

For those having problems with dvdcloner...

1. Very Important! Check that your dvd writer has the latest drivers and firmware!

2. In advanced options: Try dropping the write speed down to 4x. If it works better after that...look up your DVD drive and find out its max write speed.

3. In Advanced options: Try disc at once single session mode. Typically the Minus type DVDs MUST be burned in this mode or they don't work right on many players.
I've used the product for many years...in upgrading from VII to VIII it did burn a couple of coasters. After upgrading the firmware on my LITE-ON DVD burner it all works great again.

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