Cole2k Media Nero Audio Plugin Pack 1.5.4

Updated: 13 Jun 2009 | Freeware | 4.29MB | Downloads: 150655

This package features a number of plugins to allow Nero Burning Rom to burn a variety of formats to disc which it doesn't normally support.
Features of Cole2k Media Nero Audio Plugin Pack 1.5.4 :

- Advanced Audio Coding V1.0.0.33
- Dolby Digital V1.0.0.32
- Monkey's Audio Lossless Compression V1.0.0.37
- Microsoft Windows Media Audio V1.0.0.33
- Free Lossless Audio Codec V1.0.0.33
- Lossless Predictive Audio Compression V1.0.0.32
- Lame MPEG-1 Layer-3 (3.93.1) V1.0.0.32
- MusePack V1.0.0.33
- OptimFROG Lossless Audio Coder V1.0.0.33
- Xiph.org Ogg Vorbis V1.0.0.35
- RealNetworks RealMedia/RealAudio V1.0.0.32
- SoftSound Shorten Lossless Compression V1.0.0.32
- Open Source Audio Compression For Speech V1.0.0.34
- WavPack Hybrid Lossless Compression V1.0.0.32
- Nero Wav Plugin replacement

Changes in Cole2k Media Nero Audio Plugin Pack 1.5.4 :

- Updated for Nero 8.

Important Notes :

- The package will automatically detect where your Nero plugin directory is located and install the options you request.
- This package will not install if Nero Burning Rom 5.5.9 or higher is not present on your system.


Cole2k Media Nero Audio Plugin Pack 1.5.3
on 04 January 2008, reviewed by: Steve Bedford


Brilliant- this installed the plugin to burn wmv files to cd with Nero 6.6


Cole2k Media Nero Audio Plugin Pack 1.52
on 04 March 2006, reviewed by: nestor


yes it's awesome


Cole2k Media Nero Audio Plugin Pack 1.52
on 24 December 2005, reviewed by: Jay Jones


Had OEM Nero and it just quit responding when I tried to make a cd with the ra files.

Purhcased Nero 6 Ultra Editon with 6.6 and uninstalled everything first. Then installed Nero 6 Ultra and the Cole2k Media Plugin.

Same result. It see's the ra files but quits responding when I try to make a music CD.

Print Cole2k Nero Pack

Nero WMA Plugin: will install WMA support (decoding) within Nero, Nero Express, and NeroMIX.

Cole2k Media Codec Pack: the advanced codec pack is for use by encoders, it features far more codec's and also some additional tools.

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