Codec Tweak Tool 5.8.3

Updated: 27 Jun 2014

Codec Tweak Tool is a free utility able to detect and remove broken references to codecs and filters.
With Codec Tweak Tool you can:

- Scan the registry to detect and remove broken references to codecs and filters.
- Generate a detailed log of all installed codecs and filters.
- Enable/disable over 200 codecs and filters (if they are installed).

Features of Codec Tweak Tool 5.8:

- Fixes: Detect broken codecs and DirectShow filters. Fix problems with the standard DirectShow filters of Windows. A fix for a specific sound problem.
- Generate log: Generate a text file with detailed information about all installed codecs and DirectShow filters, along with other relevant system information.
- Reset settings: Reset settings to recommended values for many popular codecs and DirectShow filters.
- Speaker configuration: Configure audio output settings for several popular audio decoders.
- Various Tweaks: Several configuration options for a few DirectShow filters that don't have an easily accessible interface for those options.
- DirectShow filter configuration: Easy access to the configuration interfaces of various codecs and DirectShow filters
- Backup settings: Backup the settings of several codecs and DirectShow filters.
- Restore settings: Replace your current settings with those from a previous backup.
- Manage DirectShow filters: Enable or disable DirectShow filters.
- Manage ACM/VFW codecs: Enable or disable ACM/VFW codecs.
- Manage DMO: Enable or disable DirectX Media Objects.
- Manage source filters: Configure your preferred DirectShow source filters (a.k.a. splitters) for several common file extensions.
- Thumbnail settings: Enable or disable the generation of thumbnails for several common video file formats in Windows Explorer.

Win7 DSFilter Tweaker: allows you to configure your preferred DirectShow decoders with just a few mouse clicks.

Microsoft Fix It: identifies CODECs that are known to cause crashes and will disable them, getting them out of the way.

Codec Toolbox: can read/change merit of all codecs, list the codecs installed on the system, detect broken codecs and filters, remove them, etc.

Cucusoft Codec Fixer: is useful if you encounter codec problems.

DirectShow Filter Manager: helps you to list, sort, find, add or remove DirectShow filters. This tool, can also be useful for everyone when installing codec packs.


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