Updated: 13 Aug 2004

CodecViewer is a little tool, which tells you which audio and video codecs you need for an avi file.
I got very often the problem, that a movie i downloaded did not work correctly, because I didn't have the matching codec installed.

Then I had to try every codec I can find... now I know which one I need :) ( you can also pass the name of the file as a command line option )

Program says "Unknown" codec ?

Seems as if you are using a codec, which is not supported by M$, and I don't know...

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InstalledCodec: is a small utility displays the list of all Codec drivers and DirectShow filters currently installed on your system.

CodecInstaller: detects which Audio and Video codecs are installed on your system and suggest to install the ones necessary to view the movie.

VCSwap: is a tool for Hot Swapping Video Codecs. You can, while you are editing your video's, swap between the different codecs.

AVIcodec: is a free multimedia files analyser. AVIcodec gives detailled information, especially the codecs needed to play the file.

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