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AVIcodec is a free multimedia files analyser. AVIcodec gives detailed information, especially the codecs needed to play the file, and where to download those codecs if they are missing on your system.
AVIcodec recognized formats:

• Natively : AVI, ASF & WMV, Real (.rm, .rmvb), Ogg (.ogg, .ogm), Mpeg-(S)VCD-DVD (.mpg, .vob)
• Others : all those handled by DirectShow (.mp3, ...).

Features of AVIcodec:

- install program
- tooltips
- drag & drop support
- accessible from contextual menu in Explorer
- export of all the information
- recusive directory analysis

Changes in AVIcodec

- Analyse of FLV (Flash Video) files
- New language : Arabic
- The list of file extension recognized by AVIcodec is now in the beginning of codec.xml
- Tests for using MediaInfo.dll successfully


on 04 July 2011, reviewed by: pshah


this works very well, it is really free n amazing


on 22 September 2007, reviewed by: DLovsky


Great for tabular view (why 9 columns only?), context menu and recursive scan.
Awful for accuracy (duration, mp3 CBR vs. VBR plain wrong, bitrate values are way off too often).
I am tired of having to re-verify each file individually with GSpot, but I can not avoid to start off with AVICodec.


on 16 April 2006, reviewed by: Jeff


Works very good

Print AVIcodec

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