Updated: 23 Aug 2004

AVI Fixed can rebuild the index part of the movie file, which is at the end of the file, and fix the file's play time error. It can help you to be able to watch partially downloaded DivX (AVI) movies.
How to use AVI Fixed:

• Fix file error: If you have a partially downloaded movie and you want to look in it, then run this program and open the file and press the "Fix" button. Now you can look the movie. If you want to interrupt the operation, press the "Stop"button.
• Synchronization video & audio: If you have a movie which video and audio was not synchronization,you can use this function to fix it. Pls open the file,and press "Fix DUB",select the time you want to adjust.

For your safety, you should use this program on a backup copy first to avoid problems from possible bugs and from continuing the download later.

Changes in AVI Fixed 2.0 b1:

- add synchronization video & audio function.

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AVIFixed 2.0 b1
on 04 February 2008, reviewed by:

Helped me reconstruct an AVI of my kids that got munged after being accidentally deleted and then recovered. Worked great ...

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