AC3 Filter 2.6b

Updated: 6 Apr 2013 | Freeware | 4MB | Downloads: 17421950

AC3Filter is high quality freeware DirectShow audio decoder and processor filter used to decode audio tracks in movies (DVD, MPEG4 and others). It has a priority on wide functionality and convenient settings.
AC3 Filter can decode following audio formats: AC3 / DTS / MPEG Audio. It also supports multi-channel and digital (SPDIF) outputs.

Features of AC3 Filter 2.6:

• Playback:
- Watch movies with AC3 and DTS audio tracks
- Listen multi-channel (AC3/DTS) AudioCD
- Playback WAV files with AC3/DTS content, ripped from multi-channel AudioCD without any conversion of these files.
- Playback raw .AC3 and DTS files (with help of AC3File filter)
• Process:
- Up-mix any audio track (even plain stereo) up to 6 channels
- Down-mix any audio track to any number of channels (to match your speaker configuration)
- If you have an external Dolby ProLogic decoder, you may use ProLogic down-mix to help DPL decoder to extract surround information
- Watch movies under poor hearing conditions (noisy environment, weak speakers, ...)
- Decrease dynamic range to watch movies at night
- Apply time shift to the audio track to synchronize audio with video.
- Adjust gain of every input/output channel independently to compensate loudness differences
- Adjust time delays for every channel to compensate different distances to loudspeakers.
- Passthrough AC3 and DTS over SPDIF without any change to external decoder
- Encode any audio to AC3 and transmit it over SPDIF
- USB sound cards supported


- Audio Codec Tag 2000 may be requested when AC3 Filter is missing.
- Audio Codec Tag 8192 may be requested when AC3 Filter is missing.
- It also solves AC3 DVM codec missing, reported by AVIcodec utility.

Changes in AC3 Filter 2.6b:

- FFMPEG updated to v1.1.4
- Use FFMPEG for AAC decoding (should be less crashes because faad bugs).
- SPDIF/AC3 encoder: encode 5.1 with back channels (used by flac for instance) like 5.1 with side channels (standard for ac3).
- Serbian language added (thanks to Rancher).
- Languages updated: Basque (thanks to Xabier Aramendi), Chineese (thanks to PoYang).
- Bug fixed: some languages was reset to english after restart.
- Installer: /noicons option works now

Changes in AC3 Filter 1.46:

- AC3 encoder bitrate is now adjustable
- Korean translation added (thanks to starcodec)
- Upmixing of Dolby Surround files works now (thanks to Stefan Schott)
- MPEG Audio Joint stereo playback fixed (thanks to Daniel Bechter)
- Problem with decimal point in mixing matrix on some non-english Windows (thanks to Marcin Hencz)


AC3 Filter 2.6b
on 08 January 2014, reviewed by: Xuvs


Amazing!! Tried a few others and none worked apart from this one, Thank you so much!


AC3 Filter 2.6b
on 16 September 2013, reviewed by: Joey


Thank you very much! like someone else here said, nothing has worked but this for DIVX! sweet


AC3 Filter 2.6b
on 17 August 2013, reviewed by: Shug


So easy, my divx said i needed ac3 software, i downloaded this and restarted the video and hey presto, I have sound. Nothing else to it

Print AC3 Filter

AC3File: is DirectShow AC3 and DTS file source filter, required to playback raw AC3 and DTS files.

AC3 ACM Decompressor: Dolby Digital AC-3 decoding for Windows ACM. Install it and you can convert/decompress AC3 audio directly to WAV/MP3 using Virtualdub.

AC3Filter.ACM: is ACM decoder that allows any VFW application to play .AVI with AC3 or DTS audio tracks.

DTS/AC3 Source Filter: reads and passes DTS and AC3 frames to decoders from files.

WinampAC3: is a Winamp 2 and 5 input plugin to play .ac3 files.

AC3 Decoder: is a convertor for AC3 files to WAV, MP3, WMA. AC3 file can contains up to 6 audio channels.

AC3fix: corrects any bad frames within AC3 files.

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