Updated: 6 Apr 2013

AC3Filter Tools is a set of command-line tools for manipulating audio files.
These tools are part of AC3Fiter project.

AC3Filter is a set of high quality freeware audio decoder and processor programs.

AC3Filter Tools contains:

- ac3enc: AC3 encoder
- bsconvert: Bitstream conversion
- equalizer: Graphic equalizer
- filter: Simple parametric filter
- gain: Gain tool
- mpeg_demux: MPEG Program Stream demuxer
- noise: Noise generator
- resample: Sample rate conversion
- spdifer: SPDIF encapsulation
- swab: Byte-swapping tool
- valdec: Multi-functional file player, decoder and processor
- wavdiff: WAV difference
- See more details here

Changes in AC3Filter Tools 0.31b :

• Bugfix release
- Fixed: Cannot read WAV files in some cases
- Fixed: Default bitrate at ac3enc
- Use WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE for multichannel WAV files
• AC3Filter Tools 0.3b
- Use AC3Filter 1.62 code. This includes an updated equalizer, precise PCM passthrough, etc.
- x64 build
- Large files >2Gb support
- RF64 WAV files support (thanks to Serge Dyomin)
- cpu_meter - measure the CPU time used by a program
- noise: seed option
- filter: dither option
- filter: corect output file size
- noise: correctly makes large files

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LameXP: is a graphical front-end for the LAME MP3, Ogg Vorbis and Nero AAC audio encoders.

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