MPlayer GUI 2015-03-23

Download MPUI 2014-12-06 - hcb version

Download MPUI 2015-02-06 - by Mulder

Download MPlayer 1.0.37380 - 2015-03-23 - without GUI

Download MPUI 1.2 pre3.37

Download MPUI - stable

Download MPUI - Ve version without MPlayer

Download MPlayer GUI 1.0 rc2 - the official GUI

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MPlayer GUI 1.0 rc1
on 13 June 2007, reviewed by: spyderverr

this is the best h264 player BUT it can't play AVC1!!! what i have to do to play AVC1?


MPlayer GUI 1.0 rc1
on 25 February 2007, reviewed by: long lucas

I used MPUI for along time and i was very happy with it until i founded rulesPlayer maybe the best ...

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