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#1 DVD Ripper 8.1.1
on 17 May 2012 , reviewed by: aab

# 2

5 minutes of ripping time before buying?
no way
no point in doing anything but uninstalling and deleting




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#1 DVD Ripper 8.1.1
on 23 January 2010 , reviewed by: AAA

# 1

although it provides a lot of output options and generates high quality copes of your DVDs this program is tremendously buggy.
it always begins ripping by default once you tell it what DVD to open, and you will repeatedly re-open and stop ripping and re-open the dvd and stop ripping again and again and again numerous times before you get the hang of using the pause button instead so you have a chance to actually get your settings straight first before getting the ripping underway. it is quite frustrating.
the crop tool has no effect whatsoever, and the program will never maintain the original aspect ratio of your DVD no matter what you do- ever. you can play with it all you want, but it will always end up 4:3. so if you have a widescreen DVD the image will be stretched vertically in the end. just how bad that ends up depends upon the original aspect ratio. for a 1:778 picture it's bad enough, but if your picture is actually a 1:23 it's going to be really bad.

it is frequently difficult to get the program to just plain stop what it is doing so you can get your setting set up. good luck if you accidentally get it going fullscreen, you'll never get rid of it unless you manage to shut it down and restart it again.
it is a real shame the simplest features of this program just don't do anything, because it really can rip high quality.
if you're okay with stretched widescreen video and not being able to crop out the black bars of 'cheaper' DVDs then go ahead with it.

there was once something outstanding for DVD ripping available on freecodecs.com but it was never XP64 compatible and seems to have died off. it is a real shame there isn't something really great out there for this.
#1 DVD ripper comes close but is just too buggy and broken to be worth the trouble. oh yeah, and tech support will not resply to your emails, so don't waste your time trying.

overall, this program needs some serious bug fixes before being released.




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Long time using it, best image software.
Screamer Radio 1.6848 beta is what i'm testing. Memory 52.7 MB CPU is bouncing between 0.0 - 0.3 %.
i just love pot player, a great solid player i use about 75% of the time.
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