WinMP3Packer reduces the size of high bitrate CBR files, turning them into VBR files.
By default, the program generates the smallest MP3 possible (with the least padding).

However, many people also use it to turn VBR files into CBR for use with players which don't support VBR.

MP3packer can save space by storing frame data in the smallest possible frame.

Usually MP3s are already stored in the most efficient way possible.

For high-bitrate CBR files (like -b 320) there can be a lot of wasted space.

Features of WinMP3Packer 1.0:

- Can make CBR -b 320 files up to 10 % smaller losslessly (depending on the LAME version used)
- Squeezes out all the padding it can from any MP3 (Will not produce a larger file, unless you use the -b switch or something goes wrong)
- Writes valid LAME Xing header for proper VBR seeking
- Provides the ability to losslessly turn VBR files into larger CBR files to humor players which can't handle VBR
- Includes a brute-force compression optimization option to further compress files
- Supports Unicode file names and paths
- Supports encoding an entire directory of files
- Multi-core support
- 64-bit support (precompiled Windows executable builds for 32 and 64 bit available)
- There is a limitation in that it cannot repack Freeformat MP3s

Changes in WinMP3Packer 1.0.18 :

- Custom options can be added to mp3packer command line
- Proper CBR/VBR type detection
- Other enhancements

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