WatchHDTV is a free program to watch, timeshift, and record OTA HDTV with any Windows XP compatible HDTV Tuner card.
WatchHDTV is the main program for viewing and recording HDTV.

WatchHDTV Play is a file player to play any recordings made by WatchHDTV.

WatchHDTV Scheduler is the scheduler and silent recorder for WatchHDTV. For ATI HDTV Wonder users, plug-ins are also included to use with the Remote Wonder.

Features of WatchHDTV 1.9:

- Timeshifting - Timeshift, pause, and replay live HDTV. Skip forward and backwards in set intervals. Ability to change channel while timeshifting to another channel without disrupting current channel.
- Recording - Record any channel live and can also schedule live recordings.
- Silent Recording - Ability to record silently, meaning without any windows or visible program running, saving the recording for later viewing. CPU Usage is generally less than 10%, enabling your computer to be used for other tasks, including playing games with minimal CPU loss.
- Multiple Tuner Support - Can be used with more than one tuner by creating separate folders for each tuner and each WatchHDTV install. Can watch/record/timeshift live with one tuner and silent record with another. Can record silently with mutiple tuners at the same time.
- Scheduler - Schedule events to watch live, record live, timeshift, and silent record. Can schedule one-time and weekly events.
- Full HD (1080i/720p) and AC3 (Dolby Digital 5.1) recording.
- Small Size - WatchHDTV, WatchHDTV Play, and WatchHDTV Scheduler are less than 500KB per program
- Low CPU Usage - less CPU intensive than other programs, leaving your computer with plenty of power to use for other tasks
- Low RAM Usage - uses less RAM than other programs, with initial RAM usage around 20MB for WatchHDTV(in comparison ATI MMC and DVICO FusionHDTV programs use anywhere from 50-100MB)
- Built for Stability and Reliabilit - Development of WatchHDTV was started due to instability and unreliability of ATI MMC and DVICO FusionHDTV software. The primary goal for any release is to maintain stability and reliability.
- Best of all - It's FREE!

Changes in WatchHDTV 1.96 :

- Added support for all compatible BDA HDTV Tuners through the use of WatchHDTV Info utility
- WatchHDTV Info- added install DVR-MS filters, uninstall/install TS filters

MPEG Mediator: is a free and easy to use MPEG-Video stream converter.

MPEG2Repair: is a Windows application for testing HDTV transport streams to make sure they are Mpeg2 compliant.

HDTV Pump Filter: allows playback of ATSC/DVB .ts files in any player application that uses DirectShow including Zoom Player, Media Player...


WatchHDTV 1.96
on 04 November 2011 , reviewed by:

does nothing, only plays existing media, i was looking for something that would play tv using my usb tv card, ...

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