VH Screen Capture Driver is a DirectShow filter, which emulates Video Capture card and captures screen activity.
The filter can be used with any DirectShow-based application (which you like) as capture source: iuVCR, AMCap (freeware), Video Ghost (freeware).

VH Screen Capture Driver is optimized and have the good performance. But it is very strongly depends from capture software. VH Screen Capture Driver is highly compatible with DirectShow and capture software. So, the filter can be used with any DirectShow-based application (which you like) as capture source.

When you select the "VH Screen Capture Driver" as your Video Capture card you are able to configure it's properties via control panel.
The procedure to call control panel in your Video Capture Program is performed pressing somewhere filter's proterty page.

Features of VH Screen Capture Driver 2.2.5 :

- great performance (screen capture optimization)
- fast and highly optimized capture from screen
- real-time scale (resize) captured images
- output video size (dimensions) controlling
- auto selection best optimization method
- interactive window or region selection
- realtime window position indication
- manual region setup
- align video dimensions by 4 feature
- fill non-visible parts with border color
- framerate controlling
- capture mouse and show mouse clicks
- URL source support (VHScrCap://)
- full Flash and Windows Media Player support
- XML settings loading
- multi-instance support
- controlling and connection to any VHScrCap instance (for applications, which cannot show capture filter's properties)
- free for private use

Changes in VH Screen Capture Driver 2.2.5 :

- Not available.

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VH Screen Capture Driver 2.1.5
on 24 December 2009, reviewed by:

Great interface for my old Sony handycam firewire connector and Skype. Thanks Vladimir!

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