Time Adjuster is a straightforward tool that allows you to synchronize subtitles with video the easy way.
Nobody likes out of phase subtitles and most media players don’t have easy to use synchronizing options.

Adjusting subtitle times can be a frustrating task, but this is not the case anymore with Time Adjuster, a very compact and simple application.

Besides making your subtitles to appear earlier or later, you can use other helpful options, too: converting subtitles to different formats, merging and splitting subtitles, repairing damaged TXT files (it’s not guaranteed to work every time), finding out information about videos and subtitles, fixing lines which disappear too early, and choosing between various languages.

With Time Adjuster you are playing a safe bet, because this application supports a variety of subtitle time formats, such as 00:00:00, 0:00:00, MPL2 [xxx][xxx], JACOsub 00:00:00.xx,00:00:00.xx, SUB [00:00:00] – SubViewer, Sub Station Alpha mDVD {xxx}{xxx} and so on.

There are two synchronization methods available: manually, by inputting the time of the text portion, or by simply playing the video and indicating the time frame.

Time Adjuster has not been updated anymore since 2006 and its last version, 3.1, featured several improvements such as removing small bugs and allowing users to install and run under Windows XP and NT without needing administrator rights.

A disadvantage of this program can be considered the limited number of supported video formats (AVI, MOV, M1V and QT).

As a bottom line, Time Adjuster is an excellent choice if you want to synchronize your subtitles in a fast and easy way. The application needs a small amount of system resources and it does its job very well even if it has not been updated for a long time.
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Time Adjuster 3.1
on 21 July 2010 , reviewed by:

It is very useful for me to adjust the time of subtitle. Ilove this software. keep doing good job. Lot ...


Time Adjuster 3.1
on 13 February 2010 , reviewed by:

This is best of the best Subtitle Synchronization software. I spent literally hours with many other such softwares, without any ...

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