SyncView is a free AVI/WAV alignment tool for MPEG video production.
Use SyncView to determine the precise audio offsets required to properly synchronize separate audio and video files when creating MPEG programs.

The optional SyncTest Media consists of a DivX AVI with visual frame markers, and a perfectly calibrated WAV file. If your MPEG projects routinely suffer from sync error, the SyncTest Media can be used to trace the problem to either the encoder/multiplexer or to the VCD player.

Changes in SyncView 2.1.0:

- NEW WAV Export Tool operations. Audio can now be resized to a given length and then resampled to a second length in one operation. The quality and precision of the resampling/stretching process has also been improved by using a two-pass procedure. With 30+ minute audio sources, this new method is considerably faster.
- NEW 'Direct fix' option in the Stream Demux Tool. This feature can be used to quickly change the video framerate of the source AVI. It is no longer necessary to first demux or copy the AVI file.
- NEW 'Mixing' options in the WAV Export Tool. There is now a third panel of controls for normalization and channel configuration; the latter are used for downmixing multi-channel audio files with unknown channel configurations.
- ADDED support for more WAV file variation in the WAV Joiner Tool. Most of the specialty RIFF chunks (such as PEAK, CUE, and LIST) are now permitted, but SyncView ignores them when generating new WAV files.
- CHANGED the audio length units in the WAV Export Tool to milliseconds (formerly seconds). This makes it easier to copy and paste alignment settings to the Audio Sync control when producing a multi-VCD project from one, long WAV file.
- FIXED Stream Demux Tool. SyncView crashed if the user clicks on the stream list without selecting a stream.

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SyncView 2.0.2
on 11 January 2006, reviewed by:

Hi, can this sw also export-encode the resulting tracks (avi+adjusted audio)?

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