SubViewer is a software able to display a subtitle synchronized with a movie (Divx, Avi, etc...)
The SubViewer program contains a text editor and an embedded Microsoft ActiveX Media Player to help coordinate the captions.

SubViewer uses text files with the .sub extension to describe timing and titling data. Alternate languages or intents (e.g. "signs only", "version 1.0 compatible") can be included by creating a separate .sub file for each case.

SubViewer can read many other subtitle formats, like SMI (Microsoft) file, JacoSub, MicroDVD, SRT, and DVDSubtitle.

Important Note:

- SubViewer installer will ask you to update the software to version 4.0.6

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Time Adjuster: with Time Adjuster you can make subtitles to appear earlier or later, convert your subtitle files into other formats.

FurySync: is a free software for Windows, to quickly synchronize subtitles, either every lines, or just some of them, letting the program compute the rest.

DirectVobSub (VSFilter): is simply a DirectShow filter which can be used to display subtitles.

SubRip: is a program which allows you to rip DVD subtitles with their timing as a text file.

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