oggdropXPd 1.9.1

Updated: 5 Jul 2014

oggdropXPd is a drag-and-drop Ogg Vorbis encoder/decoder/player for the eXPerienced user.
The first 2 download links are the "official" Xiph releases, while links 3 and 4 (aoTuVb5 links) are modified versions which aims to improve performance.
You'll get better results when encoding at low quality settings (q<=1.0).

Some features of oggdropXPd 1.9:

- compression from lossless files (Monkeys Audio, LPAC, FLAC, WAVPACK and OptimFROG)
- auto-tagging
- renaming of encoded files
- setting of advanced encoder parameters
- use of VorbisGain tags on decode
- playlist (.m3u) creation
- and more!

Changes in oggdropXPd 1.9.0 (libvorbis 1.3.2):

- Bug fix release as of this date re 6.1 channel mapping error. Incorporates relevant changes re. libVorbis 1.3.2 and libOgg 1.2.1, and uses libsamplerate 0.1.7

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