Using VSO Free MKV WebM Converter you can convert any video into WebM, MKV or audio OGG fast and maintaining a high quality level.
The input files supported by Free MKV WebM Converter are DVD, Blu-ray, AVI, FLV, MP4, ISO etc.

The conversion process is extremely simple and straightforward: import your video and click on “Convert”.

Free MKV WebM Converter will take care of the details, such as detecting the main movie and the right angles in Blu-rays, previews of audio and subtitle tracks and display mode (timeline display which ensures clear overall view and accessibility).

High quality is at the center of this conversion and editing tool. Advanced users can easily access custom settings and adjust various parameters (contrast, luminosity, brightness and saturation) in order to obtain the best image.

You can convert images from HD to SD without compromising in quality by using the Advanced Image Filter.

Other special features provided by Free MKV WebM Converter are subtitles support (editing and previewing subtitles, DVDsub or hardcoded); offset option which ensures synchronization of audio, video and subtitles; image rotation; sound effects; audio booster; padding and cropping features, remux profiles for MKV and chapter support (you can either maintain original chapters or create new ones).

Furthermore, you can customize the interface (choose from 20 different designs), merge files or eliminate unwanted parts.

Free MKV WebM Converter is a recent and powerful conversion and editing tool that is strongly recommended to everyone. It targets three of the most commonly used file formats (Ogg, MKV and WEbM, Google’s open video format) and it simplifies the conversion and editing process, making it available for both average and advanced users. pictures/screenshots/thumb/Free_MKV_WebM_Converter_2.jpg

Free WebM Encoder: is a simple utility that lets you convert your video files to the new WebM format.

Google VP8 Video Codec (also called WebM): gives similar compression rations and quality than the H.264 video codec.

WebM DirectShow Filters: package ("webmdshow") allows you to encode and decode VP8 video, and write and read WebM files, all using Microsoft DirectShow.

DirectShow Filters for Ogg Vorbis, Speex, Theora, FLAC, and WebM: installing Open Codecs package you will be able to play all those formats.

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