eViewStream Decompressor 4.1

Updated: 5 Jun 2005

The eViewStream CODEC is easy to use and is the most efficient CODEC available.
eViewStream Decompressor is based on Lightning Strike wavelet image compression technology, giving you a CODEC with unmatched video quality.

Features of eViewStream CODEC:

- Faster than real-time video compression
- Compatible with major video editing software including Premiere,
Vegas Video, and Liquid Edition
- Optimized for real-time video encoding for broadcast applications
- Industry tested and proven by companies like Lucent, EDS, AT&T,
MCI and Apple
- Stunning performance over wide range of bit rates from
28Kbps - 5.5 Mbps
- Auto key frame insertion
- Supports one and two pass encoding methods

The Lightning Strike CODEC configuration menu is automatically added to most popular video editing applications to let you apply the power of ESPRE's video compression to your project. Output options let you control frame rate and bandwidth targets even if your video editing program can't. You also have full control over image quality settings and encoding speed.

Important Note:

- Functionality may be limited on OSes other than Windows XP.

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