dvdauthor was replaced with GUI for dvdauthor (GFD) 'cause this software will always install the latest binaries of dvdauthor. However, if you need only the dvdauthor's binaries, download dvdauthor (without GUI).

GUI for dvdauthor (GFD) was written primarily to get captured television broadcasts comfortably into a DVD conform format. Naturally you can use the program also for MPG videos of other origins, however no typical functions for copying DVDs (e.g. ripp, transcode...) are contained.
To burn the final DVD use your favourite burning program, or simply that one, that was included with the DVD burner. GFD provides only the necessary VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders (as well as the VOB and IFO files). These can be burned with any DVD - burn program (UDF - ISO format).

Problems with stand alone DVD players have occured very rarely so far, however I can't give you a warranty. Now, it is possible to burn also from GFD itself, if Nero (version 5.5 or higher) is installed.

Features of GUI for dvdauthor (GFD) 1.07 :

- 4:3 + 16:9
- SingleVTS + MultiVTS (with MultiVTS you may use different resolutions on a single DVD - without patch)
- Elementary + Multiplexed Videostreams (mpv, m2v, m1v, mp2, ac3, dts, mpg, vob (if renamed to mpg))
- Elementary Videostreams may be requantized (mpeg2 only!)
- 'Audio only' titles (for music DVDs form mp2 or ac3 audio files)
- Free definable fonts and colors (also for highlights)
- Movie preview
- Menu preview
- Chaptereditor
- Chapter menus
- Animated menus (using Avisynth and HCbatch_015 or QuEnc)
- Audiomenus (advanced mode only)
- Subtitlemenus (advanced mode only)
- 'Switched' menus (advanced mode only)
- Intro (only with a correct multiplexed mpg)

Changes in GUI for dvdauthor 1.07 :

- Bugfix: CPU dependency (crash on some CPUs) for mjpegtools (png2yuv, mplex...) removed (THX ssbssa)
- Bugfix: Error for mplex: "Need to split output but there appears to be no %d in the filename pattern" removed (THX ssbssa)

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DVDAuthorGUI: is a basic win32 frontend meant to be an easy means to create a basic DVD.

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