Important! Development was discontinued! Download DVDFab instead.
Are you experiencing playback problems with DVDs purchased from other countries? DVD Region+CSS Free is the solution!
This lightweight program allows you to play and backup any region code CSS-encrypted DVD without firmware changes.

You don’t need to change the DVD drive’s region anymore.

By installing DVD Region+CSS Free to your computer, DVDs appear to be region-free and unprotected to any DVD player (PowerDVD, WinDVD, etc) or copy software. You can create backups of your DVDs with various copy software, such as DVDFab, InterVideo DVD Copy, DVD X Copy and many others.

The application works automatically in the background and doesn’t affect your computer’s performance.

The most important features of DVD Region+CSS Free include removing region code from DVDs, removing encryption or CSS from DVDs, removing region code enhancement of RCE, eliminating analog copy protection or Macrovision, and removing user operation prohibitions.

As a result, you will be able to play movies without viewing FBI warnings, to avoid autorun software such as PCFriendly, and to work on the fly, without saving data on your computer. Any region code and CSS encrypted DVD will be accepted by all software DVD players and copy applications.

A minor limitation of this program is not supporting several DVD drives (DVD-RAM, Matshita XX-8xxx, SW-9xxx series DVD drives, and Torisan DRD-Uxxx series). You can only watch DVDs on these drives if the drive and disc region match.

The developers of Region+CSS Free ensure free lifetime technical support via e-mail and free lifetime upgrade for anyone purchasing this suite. On the other hand, the application has not been updated anymore for several years.

Nevertheless, music enthusiasts will be pleased to know that Region+CSS Free can also play and rip protected Audio CDs. pictures/screenshots/thumb/img_71.gif

DVDFab: lets you make perfect quality DVD movie backups the smart way!

DVDIdle: helps you to extend the lifetime of your DVD drive.


DVD Region+CSS Free
on 29 August 2007 , reviewed by:

I would like to buy this program my free trial has ran out but I cannot get to a page ...


DVD Region+CSS Free
on 28 May 2007 , reviewed by:

I was able to copy the dvd to hard dish but while playing it shows a black screen instead, please ...

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