DVD Decrypter was removed due to Macrovision's (the new owner of DVD Decrypter) request. We recommend other useful alternatives: AnyDVD, DVDFab Decrypter and so on...

DVD Decrypter is a free tool which enables you decrypt and copy a DVD to your PC's hard disk. From there you can choose to watch them with the likes of PowerDVD and WinDVD or you can re-encode them to MPEG1 (VCD) or DivX. Advanced functionality can be found in the context menus.
Changes in DVD Decrypter

- Added: Support for setting the read speed on AOpen 1648 DVDROM drives.
- Changed: Creation of an MDS file is now only 'forced' when ripping to a FAT32 drive (like how it was in, rather than when also ripping a DL disc. A warning has been added to the 'Create MDS File' option in the settings instead.
- Fixed: 'Layer Information' being shown in ISO Read mode when there was an empty DL disc in the drive - it shouldn't have been!
- Fixed: Hang on usb/firewire enclosures trying to work out the best transfer length to use.
- Fixed: Error on some 'dummy' images mounted in DAEMON Tools - caused by non standard UDF file system.
- Fixed: Start button still being enabled in File mode even when no files were found.
- Fixed: Problem of the burn aborting if 'Lock Volume For Exclusive Access' failed silently with a 'known' error. People who experienced this problem should really just upgrade their IDE drivers.

Important Note :

- This software is designed to be used as a method of backing up DVDs. It is NOT meant to be used as a tool for stealing copyrighted material, but instead for LEGALLY creating backups of DVDs that you own.

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DVDFab: is enabling you to copy DVDs and Blu-ray discs to your hard drive.

DVDFab Decrypter: is a simple version of DVDFab.

AnyDVD & AnyDVD HD: are used for removing protection from DVD and Blu-ray discs.


DVD Decrypter
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This software will not exit or close. Have to use Crtl-Alt-Delete to shut down the application. I consider this as ...


DVD Decrypter
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