BergWave is a wavelet based video de/en-coding solution.
The BergWave package currently consists of three parts:

- libbw: the main video de-/encoding library
- test: a simple example programm
- vfw: video for windows interface

BergWave is working in yv12 colorspace. Color conversion functions where XviD taken from the XviD project, a open source MPEG 4 video codec (

At the moment BergWave doesn't support delta frames, but that's on the doto list. To compress the yv12 image BergWave uses 5,3 wavelet transform with run length encoding.

The values are coded by rice encoding. Every frame has n objects (wavelet image, motion vectors). The frame end is marked with a null object.

How to install BergWave 20040711 :

- Uncompress the files from "" archive, right-click on the "vfwbw.inf" file and select Install.
- You may encounter a prompt saying: "The software you are installing for this hardware... has not passed Windows Logo testing..."; click on the Continue Anyway button.

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eViewStream Decompressor: is based on Lightning Strike wavelet image compression technology, giving you a CODEC with unmatched video quality.

Wavelet Kompressor: as the name implies, Wavelet Kompressor is a wavelet-based image compressor.


BergWave 20040711
on 31 October 2014, reviewed by:

When opening the vfwbw.inf file to install ...a notepad opens instead of installing the program :(

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