AVI2Clipboard, as its name suggests, is an application which saves information from AVI videos to the clipboard.
This feature is useful if you want to create a database of your movies, or to post AVI information on websites or forums.

AVI2Clipboard functions by adding an entry to the Windows Explorer context menu.

This entry is visible only when you right-click on a file with an AVI extension.

Moreover, AVI2Clipboard allows you to view AVI information or to save the information about AVI videos in a text file.

The main features of AVI2Clipboard are: copying AVI information to the clipboard as a list or using custom made templates, displaying AVI information, selecting which information to save (an option not available when viewing the AVI information), and batch saving AVI information to a single text file or to separate text files. AVI2Clipboard can save 175 videos per minute.

AVI2Clipboard has not been updated anymore since 2006, and its last version, 2.18, had a 2 GB video size limit.

As an improvement, it had fixed the wrong file size output when performing batch saving. Other fixes the developer has made were implementing an internal codec database, adding Packed Bitstream detection and adding file identification (when the video was renamed to AVI).

AVI2Clipboard uses two output modes: Normal and Template. By using the Normal Template, the AVI information will be saved as a list. The Template mode allows the user to make a custom template and use variables which will be replaced by AVI information.

AVI2Clipboard is recommended to anyone needing a straightforward application which saves information from AVI videos to the clipboard. As you become more familiar with this utility you will discover more advanced features.
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AVI2Clipboard 2.18
on 08 January 2013 , reviewed by:

It worked fine on widows xp pro sp3, but it will not work at all with windows 8 pro. It ...


AVI2Clipboard 2.18
on 30 December 2008 , reviewed by:

Great tool. however it will not work in VISTA.

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