alltoavi 4.53.94

Updated: 21 Jul 2007 | Freeware | 25.1MB | Downloads: 66331

alltoavi is a program that batch convert ogm, mkv to avi, with subtitle and audio track selection, video resizing, bitrate and codec selection.
It is centered around mencoder, with a commandline tool as well as a GUI for Windows.

Changes in alltoavi 4.53.94:

- Fixed Installer not registering certain components
alltoavi 4.53.91
- Added AAC/5.1 support on user's suggestion
- Fixed PMP Codec option led to nothingness
- Fixed Loading screen
alltoavi 4.53.91
- Added Forced Resample (to fix some strange audio encoders)
- Added "Skip if Converted File already exist" option
- Added "Convert Files of certain Extension" option
- Added Subtitle positioning onto the Restrictive mode
- Added Plugins
- Modified Loading order, Splash will now display properly rather than fading after the main window appears
- Modified Component Listings to add in the plugins
- Modified Execute button now says Convert!
- Modified Manual to reflect the changes
- Modified Splash image! Thanks to A.J.H!
- Modified A Proper character set is implemented in the filename checker, based on:
- Modified "ExtractMedia Encountered an Error" Message, it is very misleading, it does not actually indicate an error
- Modified There are now no Final or RC versions, all versions will now be accompanied by a version number to distinquish the old from the new.
- Modified H.264 Restrictive mode will force resample all audios
- Fixed Cancel in FPS Selection dialog now works correctly
- Fixed Conversion stops mid way due to "Too many audio packet in buffer", you are now given a new Forced No Skip option window (Fix of the error require more precision in the framerate, not just 2 decimals).


alltoavi 4.53.94
on 09 December 2008, reviewed by: dean


it's really simple to use and the results are really good you just got to put the right settings,the time for which it takes Is minute relative to other software like divx converter,converting a 315 mb file to less than 5 minutes and that's just a laptop with specs 1.8Ghz,1Gz ram,amd turion processor,DDr2


alltoavi 4.53.94
on 20 October 2007, reviewed by: lim


good for convertion of video,selecting subtitle, but a little complicated becoz too many texts..


alltoavi 4.53.93
on 23 July 2007, reviewed by: Yanishka


Simply the best program to convert 264 MKV's

Can also take subtitle tracks and hard encode them over the Video... perfect for those Anime MKV's that you want to watch on you MVIX 760HD or Archos Jukebox's =D

Really easy to use....

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