Updated: 13 Nov 2004

Windows XP AVI Fix was created to help alleviate the problem a lot of XP users have: selecting an .avi file in Explorer causes Explorer to lock that file while it attempts to extract video and audio summary information from it.
While doing this, the file is completely locked and cannot be renamed, moved, or deleted. On big .avi files, this lock can last for minutes.

Please note: Once this fix has been applied, the information normally present in the Summary tab in the File Properties dialog (right-click on .avi file, select Properties, and then the Summary tab) will not be available.

To get it back, simply run Windows XP AVI Fix again and select Restore. Hit Start and (possibly) restart your PC.

Changes in Windows XP AVI Fix 1.01:

- Small interface update.

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Autoplay Repair: removes corrupted entries from Windows XP's autoplay.

AVIFixed: can fix play time errors and help you to be able to watch partially downloaded DivX (AVI) movies.

AVImedic: before hunting for codecs and players or cutting out bad frames try and repair the file with AVImedic.


Windows XP AVI Fix 1.01
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This is a scam. It doesn't fix anything. It doesn't give your system the ability to run avi's it just ...

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