WinMP3Packer 1.0.13 & MP3Packer 1.17

Updated: 3 Jun 2007 | Freeware | 711KB | Downloads: 7829

WinMP3Packer reduces the size of high bitrate CBR files, turning them into VBR files.
It takes a Variable Bitrate (VBR) MP3 file and convert it into a Constant Bitrate (CBR) MP3 file. WinMP3Packer does this by finding a CBR bitrate that the VBR file will fit into.
This is useful if you want to play the audio on hardware players that do not support VBR files properly (e.g. Pioneer DJ equipment, CDJ-200)

WinMP3Packer also trips headers from the start and/or end of the files.

Features of WinMP3Packer 1.0.13 :

- Allows for batch processing - multiple files and folders may be selected.
- Allows for processing whole folders. Will also recurse into the sub-folders and process the files in there.
- When processing whole folders, the option 'Recreate sub-folders' will put the output files into the same sort of directory structure as the input files.

Changes in MP3Packer 1.17 :

- Multiple improvements to the -z switch. It now goes ~40% slower, but manages a bit of extra compression. This change is most apparent with low-bitrate encodes.
- Fixed the -i switch. No longer prints a bunch of garbage for every frame, and the number of bits wasted is no longer negative.

Changes in WinMP3Packer 1.0.13 :

- Includes new version 1.13 of mp3packer.exe
- Improved refresh rate of progress dialog when processing files.
- New option to 'Copy unprocessed MP3s' when using a custom output folder. This option will ensure all the input MP3s end up in the output folder regardless of whether they require processing or not.
- Fixed bug where the settings portion of the screen was not being disabled while processing.
- New option to 'Super-squeeze files' which sends option '-z' to mp3packer.exe
- New option to use an 'Alternate broken frame behaviour' which sends option '-w'
- New checkbox for input type 'All' which basically just checks the CBR and VBR checkboxes. This is just for GUI niceness and no other reason.
- New checkbox to enable/disable the 'Append text to filenames' option.
- When the 'Overwrite existing files' checkbox is enabled and the program has the same input/output filename for an operation, the existing file will be replaced by the newly processed file. The enable this behaviour, untick the 'Append text to filenames' option and set the 'Output folder' to 'Same as input'. This comes with a warning though: The original files will be replaced!
- The installation package now contains some example profile settings. These include the default settings and profiles to convert to CBR or VBR (these will overwrite the original mp3 files). The settings are stored in WinMP3Packer-config.xml. A copy of the new settings is available in WinMP3Packer-config-default.xml.

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