WMP Tag Plus 2.2

Updated: 18 Dec 2013

WMP Tag Plus is a plug-in that integrates seamlessly into Windows Media Player to provide library and tagging support for additional music formats.
These formats include FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, WavPack, Monkey's Audio, Musepack and MPEG-4.

After installing WMP Tag Plus, Windows Media Player puts songs of the newly supported formats into its media library, together with the tags these songs contain.

When editing the tags of these songs in the library, changes are saved back to file as well.

This means that you can painlessly browse and organize songs of the newly supported formats in the library, just as you would for songs of natively supported formats like MP3 or Windows Media Audio (WMA).

In addition, WMP Tag Plus allows you to also use the Advanced Tag Editor to edit the tags for newly supported formats.

Windows Media Player 12 lacks the Advanced Tag Editor, but there you can use the new tag editor of the Windows Media Player Plus! plug-in to get the same result.

WMP Tag Plus is currently the only Windows Media Player tag support plug-in that is still up-to-date, actively supported and fully compatible with the latest versions of Windows and Windows Media Player.

Other tag support plug-ins don't allow seeking during playback of newly supported formats either. Seeking is no issue at all when using WMP Tag Plus.

Important Notes:

• Please bear in mind that WMP Tag Plus only adds metadata support, and that the following additional packages might need to be installed to enable WMP to play the new formats:
- FLAC and Vorbis: the Xiph.org DirectShow filters
- MPEG4: Haali Matroska Splitter together with FFDShow
- WavPack: the DirectShow filter (CoreWavPack) at the official WavPack website.
• The WMP Tag Plus plug-in is written for Windows Media Player 11 or higher.

Changes in WMP Tag Plus 2.2:

- Fixed: when trying to access the WMP Tag Plus settings while the plug-in was disabled, either the settings didn't appear or Windows Media Player crashed.
- Fixed: possible broken Apple Lossless support on Windows 8. Special thanks to Ralph Knox for reporting.
- Fixed: WMP Tag Plus didn't retrieve the duration of MPEG-4 files not containing any tags.
- Fixed: "Failed to set data for 'PerceivedType'" error on Windows Media Player startup in some circumstances.
- When installing WMP Tag Plus on Windows 7 or 8 with Windows Media Player Plus! already installed, MPEG-4 tag support was still disabled by default to prevent compatibility issues present in older versions of WMP Tag Plus. Because these issues have already been fixed in WMP Tag Plus 2.0, MPEG-4 tag support is now always enabled by default.
- Updated the included TagLib library to version 1.8. This, for one, means that WMP Tag Plus can now also read the audio properties (duration, bitrate etc.) of Musepack SV8 files.

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WMP Tag Support Extender: Windows Media Player plugin to allow other tag support: APE, MPC, WavPack, OptimFrog, FLAC, OGG, MP4, M4A, AAC and more in WMP.

Windows Media Player Plus: is a free plug-in for Windows Media Player that adds various user interface and playback enhancements.

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