VP7 Personal Edition 7.0.1

Updated: 30 Mar 2006

TrueMotion VP7 is the world's best video compressor. It provides the best quality of any codec on the market today at datarates from dial-up to high-definition.
It encodes quicker, decodes in fewer cycles, and is less complex than the standards-based codecs used by our competitors.

TrueMotion VP7 will provide your applications with the best video quality at lower cost than any other codec.

Features of VP7 Personal Edition 7.0:

- Up to 50% improvement in video quality over TrueMotion VP6
- Dramatic improvements in animation compression
- Drastic reduction in ringing artifacts (mosquito-like noise around sharp edges)
- Smoother motion
- Improved datarate control
- More supported input formats
- Real-time compression
- Multi-pass encoding
- Special video conferencing and dropped-packet features
- Integrated with On2CompI compression application
- Support for Video for Windows (VFW) and Direct Show
- Better cut-scene detection
- Straightforward licensing terms (royalty-free solutions available)
- Carries no burdensome patent pooling restrictions or external licensing fees
- Purely software-based solution that can be upgraded easily

Changes in VP7 Personal Edition :

- Improved overall quality.
- Improved speed on best quality mode.
- Fixed a problem in one of the blitters that caused color artifacts for some interlaced clips.
- Fixed a bug that caused spatial re-sampling to crash for some specific source image sizes and resample ratios.
- Improvements in 2 pass rate control.
- Faster first pass encode.
- Significant changes to the motion search algorithm to improve detection and tracking in high motion scenes. These changes affect both the first and second pass.

Google VP8 Video Codec: gives similar compression rations and quality than the H.264 video codec.

VP6 codec: is a high-quality, low bitrate video codec that is available for free to personal use.

VP4 codec: was the first codec to achieve full-screen, full-motion, DVD-quality video at under 1 Mbps.

VP3 codec: is the world's most efficient, open source video codec to date.


VP7 Personal Edition
on 10 April 2011, reviewed by: dw817

Source video: CGI High-action, 1 minute, single pass, 352x240 15fps, 128kbps (16k/sec) It certain encodes better than DivX or ...


VP7 Personal Edition
on 23 December 2006, reviewed by: akira

vp7 and below are worse than vc1 and h.264.if you don't believe me try transcode a file with ...

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