Updated: 28 Jan 2004

VP4 codec was a major breakthrough in video compression technology. It was the first codec to achieve full-screen, full-motion, DVD-quality video at under 1 Mbps.
This revolutionary technology is now available to you for FREE. On2 has created a special "personal use" version of its Video for Windows implementation of VP4.

Features of VP4 Personal Codec:

- Can be used with any VFW-compatible video processing utility that accepts third-party codecs (for example, Adobe Premiere, VirtualDub, and Cleaner)
- Comparable quality to MPEG-2 at more than a 75% reduction in bandwidth.
- Near-DVD quality at Broadband data rates. VP4 maintains the highest quality possible while delivering full-screen, full-motion at 640x480 screen resolution, native frame-rates of 24fps for film and 30 fps for video.
- Near-VHS quality at ISDN data rates. VP4 is the only compression technology that can achieve near-VHS quality at a screen size of 320x240 and at 24-30 fps.
- Narrowband capabilities. VP4 can offer video streamed at dial-up rates at 192x144 pixels and 15-20 fps.

Important Note:

- The codec is free for personal/non-commercial use. As a free product, On2 offers NO official technical or developer support for VP4 Personal. In addition, the software is offered without a warranty or guarantees of any kind.

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