Updated: 1 Jan 2004

VP3 is the world's most efficient, open source video codec to date. With VP3, there are no platform limitations and developers are not required to pay the restrictive license fees that other open source codecs make mandatory.
Unlike other open source, or standards based video codecs, VP3 allows for the highest quality video, at the lowest possible data rates while still retaining the video's full frame-rate.

The result is a clear 320x240 video that can be expanded to a full-screen 640x480 resolution.

The power of this codec has been validated by the fact that it has been licensed by both RealNetworks and Apple for their internet video players.

VP3 is designed to produce high quality video that is highly compressed and yet easily played back on today's computers. Movies of varying screen dimensions can be encoded at different datarates and played back efficiently on a number of different platforms. It can be streamed efficiently over the web, or played off of a local disk drive, compact disc or digital video disk. Applications for this technology include video electronic mail, video web broadcasting, videoconferencing, video games, medical imaging, and digital VCRs.
The VP3 codec was originally only available through On2's proprietary TrueMotion architecture, but is now being made available for some other environments. Apple announced that the VP3 codec will be available in QuickTime 5 as a component download.

Features of VP3 :

- Excellent web video quality
- Extremely well-suited to broadband playback
- Low CPU demands on playback computer

Specs of VP3 :

- Supported color formats: YUV 4:2:0
- Ideal source material: video
- Compression time: Asymmetric
- Temporal compression: YES
- Algorithm: Hybrid

VP3 for Windows Media: Now You can play VP3 files through the Windows Media Player! VP3 for Windows files (.avi) are compatible with Video For Windows and Direct X multimedia platforms. VP3 for Windows files (.avi) can be played locally from a hard drive and distributed over the Internet for download.

Features include :
- Video For Windows compatible encoding capability
- DirectX support for more efficient playback
- Advanced compression controls including Quality and Keyframe settings
- Support for local hard-drive or CD-ROM playback.

On2's VP3 for Windows allows users to encode in VP3 video using any Video for Windows compliant encoders (such as Adobe® Premiere® and Cleaner(TM) 5). The decoder portion of the codec is both Video for Windows and DirectShow compliant.

VP3 for QuickTime allows QuickTime 5 users to view VP3 encoded video, and, allows QuickTime 5 Pro users to encode VP3 video.

Features include:
- Encoded video files can be streamed from the QuickTime StreamServer or served off a web server for progressive download
- Compatible with QuickTime for Mac and PC
- Enables encoding with QuickTime Pro, or any other QuickTime compliant encoding application.

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Google VP8 Video Codec: gives similar compression rations and quality than the H.264 video codec.

VP7 codec: is the world's best video compressor.

VP6 codec: is a high-quality, low bitrate video codec that is available for free to personal use.

VP4 codec: was the first codec to achieve full-screen, full-motion, DVD-quality video at under 1 Mbps.

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