VIA Vinyl Audio Codec 7.00b

Updated: 11 Sep 2007

VIA Vinyl Audio Codec is the latest audio driver for VIA chipset motherboards with integrated sound.
VIA Vinyl Audio Codec supports :

This driver, also known as VIA AC'97 Audio Combo Driver, supports all VIA southbridges with integrated sound, including VT8231 / VT82C686A / VT82C686B, VT8233 / VT8233A / VT8233C / VT8235 / VT8237.
- the VIA Six-TRAC (VT1616 Codec).
- The VIA Stylus driver for the Six-TRAC Codec integrates Sensaura technology realizing a new level of audio performance and functionality.
- DOS sound for VIA VT82C686A / VT82C686B / VT8231 southbridges only.

For use with the following operating systems :

- Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows Me, Windows 98SE, Windows 98, Windows 95, DOS.

Changes in VIA Vinyl Audio Codec 7.00b :

- Version 7.00b may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

Important Note :

- VIA audio drivers should not be installed on those systems that utilize third-party audio cards.

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VIA HD Audio Codec: VIA Vinyl HD audio driver supports HD audio codecs which so far is featured in the VT8237A and VT82351 South Bridges.

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VIA Vinyl Audio Codec 7.00b
on 21 February 2010, reviewed by: Charlie Wright

The manufacturer could not fix the problem. Your driver worked perfectly. THANKS!!!

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