True Audio DirectShow Codecs Suite 1.0

Updated: 22 Aug 2004

True Audio DirectShow Codecs Suite allows 3rd party applications to work with the True Audio data streams. With the correct codecs installed it should be playable in Windows Media and any other DirectShow compliant player.
The major benefit of the True Audio codecs pack for an Application developer is the simplicity of integration the True Audio Filters with their application.

The True Audio DirectShow codecs pack provides access to simple, reliable and effective TTA decoding/encoding support, the ability to playback of the TTA-related media files.

It makes adding TTA support to your application, cost effective, practical and straight forward.

Available Filters:

• TTA Decoder
• TTA Encoder
• TTA Splitter

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True Audio Encoder (TTA): is a simple lossless audio codec which shows same or better results in comparing to majority of modern analogs.

RadLight TTA DirectShow filter: enables playback of TTA (True Audio) encoded files in RadLight or any other DirectShow based player.


True Audio DirectShow Codecs Suite 1.0
on 21 August 2007, reviewed by: dimitrios

super wow


True Audio DirectShow Codecs Suite 1.0
on 08 July 2006, reviewed by: vivi

very good

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