IFrames Transport Stream Cutter is a stand-alone specialized video editing software for cutting segments from transport stream (.ts) video files, and writing the output to an .mpg file.
Features of IFrames Transport Stream Cutter 2.2 :

- speed
- small index files
- the ability to quickly scroll through the video to find cut-in and cut-out points.
To help with this, you can quickly skip to video fades, blanks, and splits, as well as historical cut-in and cutout frames.

Known Issues: Some high definition video streams only display the left half of the picture, however the full video frame is still written to the output file.

Future Work: More command line options, better auto-split cuts for low light video content, add multi-stream .ts capability.

Changes in IFrames Transport Stream Cutter :

- I now have an updated version built with a few bug fixes and other minor improvements. the main user interface change is to the cut button which is now split in three parts. Click the central part to cut without saving this point as a user defined cut point. Click the left portion of the cut button to add the frame to the left of the cut point as a user defined cut point. Click the right portion of the cut button to add the frame to the right of the cut point as a user defined cut point.

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IFrames Transport Stream Cutter
on 20 January 2010, reviewed by:

Looks nice, but neither mpg nor ts output files work.

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