Updated: 26 Apr 2010

TVUPlayer is a free program that enables viewers to watch high quality live television programs around the world.
TVU networks brings you programs from around the world that you can't get from your local cable and satellite providers.

It will feature hard-to-find special-interest TV channels, international sports, lifestyle, news, and your favorite channels from around the globe as well as user-generated content.

Featured channels:

- CBN (Financial)
- Cartoon Network
... and more

Changes in TVUPlayer / TVUBroadcast

- New Personal Video Recorder (PVR) feature. The PVR allows you to schedule recordings in advance (by date, time, and channel). The PVR is a subscription-only capability; to subscribe you'll need to create a TVU account (see and provide credit card information. The PVR subscription costs US$ 1.99 per month. See http://www.tvunetworks .com/doc/PVR_user_manual.html for more information about the PVR.
- New startup screen (makes it more obvious that the TVUPlayer is starting)
- New diagnostic capability ("?" button) that helps diagnose common problems that viewers have
- New UI skin

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on 25 October 2008, reviewed by: MADINA

Great program. finally, I can watch some india tamil tv dramas download programs, while I am in canada. thank you.


TVUPlayer 1.5.12
on 08 July 2006, reviewed by: jeff

Great program. Finally, I can watch some English programs, while I am in Japan.

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