TFM Audio Filter is a DirectShow Filter, for real-time audio processing. It was created to REDUCE the Dynamic of a Soundtrack. With this, your speakers are NO MORE "in danger" when an explosion happened in movie, and the voices are clearly heared, at the same level.
This filter should work within all players, that use automatic DirectShow Filter Graph generation (Windows Media Player, etc).

Features of TFM Audio Filter:

A. Channel Effects:
- Reverse Channels
- Send audio signal from LEFT Channel to LEFT and RIGHT
- Send audio signal from RIGHT Channel to LEFT and RIGHT
- Force audio signal to MONO
- Mute LEFT / RIGHT Channel
B. Amplify Audio Level:
- "Boost" audio, if you need more "power"
C. Graphic Equalizer

Changes in TFM Audio Filter 1.0 beta 8:

- added TrayIcon to change Settings. (10x to CH)

Important Note:

- The TFM Audio Filter and the Morgan Multimedia Stream Switcher are not fully compatible! It isn't recommended to install both of them.

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Morgan Stream Switcher: is a Directshow filter which allows you to switch on the fly between several audio streams embeded in an AVI files.

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