Updated: 25 Mar 2009

Subtitle Processor is a tool for editing, repairing and translating subtitles for movies. Contains integrated movie and DVD player for easy synchronization of subtitles with the movie. Many simple and advanced editing functions.
Features of Subtitle Processor 7.7.1:

Advanced subtitle editor supporting both frame and time modes:
- Style editor for editing subtitle styles
- Reformat lines (word-wrap): reformat subtitles with various options to fit on selected screen width
- Merge/Split - merge 2 subtitle files or split one file to 2 parts
- Move/Scale - many variations to change the speed (fps) and time offset
- Transitions - cool feature that creates a set of subtitles that show a transition (marquee, fading color and so on)
- Correct text - correct OCR errors using configurable set of rules, Spellchecker using GNU ASpell
- Correct ending timestamps - fix missing or long/short ending timestamps, automatically compute using character count
- Multipoint Linear Resynchronization - synchronize subtitles with variable time errors using a set of synchronization points and distributing the time error linearly between the synchronization points
- Dialog translation synchronization
- Multiple subtitle formats
Integrated advanced movie player with a lot of functions that ease the creation of subtitles :
- Lot of seeking functions to precisely seek to a frame
- Integrated editor for creating subtitles as the movie plays
- Bookmarks for finding exact starts of dialogs
- Support for all media formats that are supported by DirectShow and installed filters (codecs) - not only movies but also music (mp3) and so on. Allows to use DVD Video discs as media files
- Support for multi-language movies - can switch audio streams
- High integration to the Editor and Translator to help editing and translating
- Advanced picture controls like color (gamma, contrast, brightness), zoom, aspect ratio, position and so on
- Advanced playlist editor
- OSD with information about the media stream & movie data (can be parsed from WWW databases)
- Display 1st and 2nd subtitles
Translator with 2 integrated views on translated and original subtitles :
- Both views support editing
- The subtitles are linked between views so when a subtitle in one view is selected, the same subtitle in the other view is also selected
- Buttons for copying timestamps and texts between both subtitles
- Integrated player controls so the translator can listen to the dialogs without switching to the Player
Configurable keyboard (or mouse) shortcuts for many actions, the configuration is exportable as a nice looking HTML table
Limited support for MVD movie files

Changes in Subtitle Processor 7.7.1 :

New features :
- Time mode (frames / time) is now saved in Workspace and/or upon exiting SP
- New column in Editor subtitles list showing character count for each subtitle's line
- Added possibility to hide Scripts toolbar
- Tab widths in Editor functions panel can be either fixed or variable with scroll buttons (Settings - General - User interface - Editor - Functions panel - Uniform width tabs)
- Automatic opening of subtitles with similar file name as the movie (movie_filename*.*) - can be enabled in Settings - General - Automatic file opening - Search for subtitles when opening movie
Bug fixes :
- Hiding Other corrections tab was impossible
- Missing strings in language files

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FurySync: is a free software for Windows, to quickly synchronize subtitles, either every lines, or just some of them, letting the program compute the rest.

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SubViewerXP: is a software that can display a subtitle synchronized with a movie (Divx, Avi, etc...)

SyncView: is a free AVI/WAV alignment tool for MPEG video production.

VobSub Ripper: is the stand-alone DVD subtitle extractor to VobSub file format.

VobSubStrip: shows a list of all the subtitle tracks present in your .sub (VobSub) file and strips unwated subtitle streams.

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