Updated: 12 Mar 2006

Stream Cutter is designed to cut portions of a predefined size or duration from an MPEG-2 file. Simple interface and straightforward logic add value to this handy tool for video editors.
The following parameters should be set in the application:

- Input File - the path to the source file (the portion of which to be cropped)
- Output File - the path to the destination file (the cropped portion to be stored in this file)
- Crop by size or Crop by time - the cropping method

Numeric parameters:

- From: - identifies the starting point of the portion to be cropped (in KB or milliseconds)
- To: - identifies the final point of the portion to be cropped (in KB or milliseconds)

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Elecard Stream Cutter 1.0
on 20 June 2007, reviewed by:

It doesn't work , when you want to make file bigger than 2GB.:-(

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