SVPtube 1.2.1

Updated: 1 Aug 2014

SVPtube is a tiny free software able to extract direct URLs to live streams from YouTube and send it to your preferred video player that can play this stream as normal video with SVP and/or any post processing enabled.
Just copy YouTube link to clipboard - and that's all!

SVPtube has been tested with MPC-HC and PotPlayer.

Features of SVPtube 1.2:

- Monitor clipboard for YouTube links and extract direct links to video streams in different formats.
- Send any available stream to selected (or system default) video player.
- Do this automatically with "Autoplay" option enabled (from tray context menu).
- Choose preferred video size.

Important Notes:

- These links are time limited and valid for your IP only
- It's completely up to video player to start playback / hang / crash / etc while opening the link
- Don't forget to set video player to open videos in the same window:
* MPC-HC: "View" - "Options" - "Player" - "Use the same player for each video file"
* Daum PotPlayer: "Preferences" - "General" - "Multiple instances" - "Disable: Play files in existing instance"

Changes in SVPtube 1.2.1:

+ updated to recent YT changes in encrypted signatures
+ added option to prefer VP9 video format

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